cargando innova

Cargando Innova was born with the purpose of training the workforce as strictly as the airplane pilots, through hours of training in our last generation simulators and then, with practical lessons in our vehicles with our specialized instructors. 

Our main goal is to train the collaborators for all of our different operations, to contribute to the decrease in risks and polluting emisions, as well as the accidentality and the mortality in the roads.

Camión Cargando Innova

Besides, the trained drivers improve their skills to face highly complex situations in the road, obtaining efficiency in our operations.

We develop training projects with the support of a specialized last generation simulator in safe and controlled areas according to our client needs, like:

  • Skill validation in the simulator.
  • Complete driver training right from the start.
  • High risk situation training in controlled environments.
  • Eco-driving.
  • Guidance on driver selection processes.
  • Training endorsed by the  National Safety Council.
  • Custom programs designed according to the client needs. 
  • Technical training for articulated cargo vehicles drivers.