value proposal

Our main characteristic is our efficient, reliable and eco-friendly service.

Operational capacity

The assets with which Cargando S.A performs its operations are mostly owned by the company, of recent models and equipped with environmental and safety measures to fulfill the requirements of each one of our clients.

Technology and innovation

For our processes, we rely on top tier technological tools that help us reduce the enviromental impact and keep a healthy and safe workplace, and reach new markets while being sustainable and productive.

Satellite tracking

Our last generation GPS technology allows the client to view a live location and gives access to detailed reports for decision making.

Management system

Our own platform, information systems and the recurrent training of our human team, allows us to conduct a better tracking of our operations.

Tailored solutions

We develop our solutions attending the needs of our clients, while reporting incidents, solving problems and communicating the results of all the actions carried out to impact their logistic process.


We own latest model vehicles, georeferencing systems and information to manage and mitigate the logistical, financial and risk impact in our clients operations for full traceability.

risk management

We focus every process on the prevention and control of the risks that may affect our client’s operations.

The permanent risk identification allows us to mitigate its impact in our operations, offer security through the training of all the collaborators, generate awareness in all parties involved and preserve the resources.


We present our clients a route analysis prior to the service execution where we evaluate the possible risks that may occur during the operation in order to propose a logistical solution according to the activity.

One of our main strengths is that, thanks to the interest to learn and make things right, we are capable of handling and executing operations with products and commodities that may represent a risk to the operation.

We train and motivate all our collaborators through educational practices that allows us to obtain an adecuate risk management in order to adapt a variety of initiatives based on our experiences and interventions, and to develop a set of solutions oriented to the conservation of our infrastructure, collaborators, vehicles, community and environment.

By tracking all routes we improve the performance of our collaborators, offer safety to all the supply chain, while improving the operative efficiency and productivity of our clients, reaching high performance levels in the provision of logistical services.